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‘First Family of South Carolina Presidential Politics’ Endorses Governor Mike Huckabee

February 12, 2007

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Monday, February 12, 2007

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‘First Family of South Carolina Presidential Politics’

Endorses Mike Huckabee

Campbells say Huckabee is ‘Best to Lead America

COLUMBIA, SC – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee announced Monday that former South Carolina First Lady Iris Campbell will serve as Honorary South Carolina State Chair of his Presidential Exploratory Committee – and that Campbell’s youngest son, Mike Campbell, will serve as a Senior National Advisor to the campaign.

“I am tremendously pleased and honored to have the winning support of such a gracious and politically-savy First Lady, Iris Campbell, and her son, Mike Campell, a rising star both in South Carolina and nationally,” said Huckabee during a news conference today. “I look forward to their guidance and leadership in this critically-important state as we move forward.”

Mrs. Campbell stated, “Mike Huckabee is a tremendous leader who will make a great President. He is a true conservative and a man of character and vision. Mike is the kind of individual Carroll would have enjoyed helping and I am proud to offer my support and look forward to helping him get elected. ”

Mike Campbell joined, “Governor Huckabee is the only candidate with proven conservative credentials. In addition, his executive experience and common-sense approach to governing will serve our nation well. He is a genuine leader who possesses true conviction on the challenges facing our nation and doesn’t have to attempt to re-invent himself for the sake of getting elected. People throughout South Carolina and across America can identify with Mike Huckabee and will elect our next President.”

Since 1980, the late Governor Carroll Campbell and his family have played an integral role in helping each candidate they have chosen to support (Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, and George W. Bush) win the South Carolina GOP Presidential Primary – and ultimately the nomination.

In the late 1970’s, then-Congressman Carroll Campbell, along with close friend Lee Atwater, mapped out a plan to hold a South Carolina presidential primary early enough to play a significant role in the nomination process.

In 1980, the first South Carolina primary was held. That year the SC party established led by Sen. Strom Thurmond and former Gov. Jim Edwards supported early frontrunner, John Connelly. However, Carroll and Iris Campbell decided to support the underdog, Ronald Reagan.

Carroll Campbell signed on to be Reagan’s state chairman. Together, the Campbells and Lee Atwater delivered a resounding victory for Reagan in South Carolina. Since then, no Republican has won the nomination or the presidency without first winning in South Carolina and having Campbell family’s support. Many credit Reagan’s victory in 1980 to Carroll Campbell.

Barbara Bush has stated that “neither my husband nor my son would have been president had it not be for the efforts of Carroll and Iris Campbell.”

South Carolina plays an integral role in the Republican nomination process. It has been the firewall state for those who came up short in Iowa and New Hampshire and has consistently provided the nominee the initial momentum to win the Republican nomination.

Having learned at the feet of his masterful father, Mike Campbell, the Campbell’s youngest son, is continuing the late Governor’s legacy. In June 2006, he won a three-way primary for Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina by 8% — before narrowly losing in a run-off two weeks later (by less than 2%) to the incumbent. Despite his loss, he is widely considered a rising star within the GOP.

Said Huckabee: “The Campbell family is an icon in South Carolina politics. Mike Campbell has keen political instincts and ability – and will no doubt make a comeback. I am proud to have him – and Iris – on my team.”

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