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October 17, 2007

Presidential candidate proves his intentions to seriously compete in the Palmetto State. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Greenville, South Carolina — Congressman Ron Paul has opened the first of three offices in South Carolina.  The Greenville office will serve as a hub for the campaign’s activities in NW South Carolina.  It is located at 402 N Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville.  The location had previously served as the headquarters of the Greenville County GOP which voted to sub-lease it to the Paul campaign last month.

homepest.JPGDr. Paul is also planning to open an office on Hampton Street in Columbia next week, as well as one in Charleston shortly thereafter.

“We intend to compete and win here,” says state coordinator Brian Gentry. “Opening these offices will give us the necessary infrastructure to organize, contact, and activate voters here so that we can inform South Carolinians about Dr. Paul’s record as the true conservative in this race.  When people learn about Ron Paul’s principled stands in favor of gun rights, health freedom and educational choice, as well as his opposition to abortion, illegal immigration and big government, they get excited about having a candidate that shares their values and they can feel good about supporting.”

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