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February 4, 2008


For Immediate Release

Contact: Press Office

Friday, February 1, 2008


ARLINGTON, VA — U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today released a new television ad to air across the nation in the run-up to Super Tuesday. The ad, entitled “True Conservative,” focuses on John McCain’s commitment to conservative principles on economic, social and national security issues as well as his readiness to lead as commander in chief on day one.

“True Conservative” will run on national cable and in select February 5th states starting today.



Script For “True Conservative” (:30-TV)

ANNCR: As a prisoner of war, John McCain was inspired by Ronald Reagan.

JOHN MCCAIN: I enlisted as a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution.

ANNCR: Guided by strong conservative principles, he’ll cut wasteful spending and keep taxes low.

A proud social conservative who will never waver.

The leadership and experience to call for the surge strategy in Iraq that is working.

John McCain:

The true conservative

Ready to be commander-in-chief on day one.

JOHN MCCAIN: I’m John McCain and I approve this message.


McCain Has “Quarter-Century Conservative Record”

The Wall Street Journal: “Mr. McCain has a quarter-century conservative record against abortion rights, gay rights and gun control …” (Jackie Calmes, “McCain Gears Up To Make His Case,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/25/07)

McCain “Is A Budget Hawk Who Has Done More Than Any Other Senator To Crusade Against” Wasteful Spending

The Economist: “[McCain] is a budget hawk who has done more than any other senator to crusade against ‘earmarks,’ pork-barrel spending and the lobbying industry, and who voted against Mr Bush’s bloated highway bill and his irresponsible prescription-drugs benefit.” (“In Defence Of John McCain,” The Economist, 5/13/06)

Time Magazine: “[John McCain] has spent his entire Senate career exposing wasteful pork-barrel projects.” (Massimo Calabresi and Perry Bacon Jr, “America’s 10 Best Senators,” Time, 4/24/06)

·         Former Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX): “Today we have an unnecessary budget deficit, the result of wanton waste and dishonesty. John McCain has been a lonely but clarion voice on this issue: ‘Bills that perpetuate wasteful spending should be vetoed,’ he says. ‘Not some of them, all of them. The numbers should shock us; indifference to them should shame us.’ This is not a concern he discovered when he decided to run for president. I first heard him say these things when we served together in the House many years ago. To ask if he would really take on the spending establishment that runs Congress is to ask if water will wet, if fire will burn. If you want to end the spending spree in Washington, he is your man.” (Phil Gramm, Op-Ed, “Why John McCain,” The Wall Street Journal, 2/20/07)

John McCain “Is Far And Away The Most Consistently Anti-Abortion Of All The Top Contenders”

The Weekly Standard: “Arizona Senator John McCain … is far and away the most consistently anti-abortion of all the top contenders.” (Charlotte Allen, “The Right To Life Lobby Vs. McCain,” Weekly Standard, 4/30/07)

National Review: “The senator has been rock-solid on abortion. Unlike anyone else in the race, he has a pro-life record stretching back to the early 1980s. … He voted to confirm all of the sitting conservative justices …” (Ramesh Ponnuru, “The Coming McCain Moment,” National Review, 3/19/07)

·         Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS):John McCain has spent a lifetime standing up for human rights around the world, including a consistent 24-year pro-life record of protecting the rights of the unborn. John McCain alone has the courage, leadership and character to lead our party to victory in 2008 while keeping faith with our most cherished values — life, faith and family.” (John McCain 2008, “Senator Sam Brownback Endorses John McCain For President,” Press Release, 11/7/07)

·         Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK): “John McCain and I have stood side-by-side on many issues and I’d like to speak to two of them today — fiscal responsibility and ensuring the sanctity of human life. … He is guided by strong conservative principles, and committed to doing what he believes is right without concern for political consequence. … When it comes to ensuring the sanctity of human life, you will find no one stronger on the issue than Senator McCain. For twenty-four years, John McCain has been an unwavering voice in Congress for the rights of the unborn.” (John McCain 2008, “Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Endorses John McCain For President,” Press Release, 1/16/08)

McCain Is Best Prepared To Lead As Commander In Chief On Day One

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. Army (Ret.): “Senator John McCain has served our country with honor in war and in peace. He has demonstrated the type of courageous leadership our country sorely needs at this time. For that reason, he has my complete support.” (John McCain 2008, “General Norman Schwarzkopf Endorses John McCain For President,” Press Release, 1/23/08)

·         Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger: “The world’s challenges are radically changing and our country needs John McCain’s experience and optimism. His record, character, and belief that America’s best days lie ahead make John McCain the right leader for these times.” (John McCain 2008, “Fmr. U.S. Secretaries Of State Pledge Support To McCain,” Press Release, 4/10/07)

·         Former Secretary Of State Lawrence Eagleburger: “John McCain has spent his life serving this country on the battle field and in Congress. As our country adjusts to new challenges, John McCain’s experience and record as a common sense conservative make him the best candidate for our country’s future.” (John McCain 2008, “Fmr. U.S. Secretaries Of State Pledge Support To McCain,” Press Release, 4/10/07)

·         Former Secretary Of State George P. Shultz: “McCain is a passionate leader who believes in the inherent benefits of freedom and liberty. He understands the enormous threat terrorism poses to our way of life and is prepared to fight and win this war from the first day he steps foot in office.” (John McCain 2008, “Fmr. U.S. Secretaries Of State Pledge Support To McCain,” Press Release, 4/10/07)

·         Former Secretary Of State Alexander Haig: “During this global struggle against terrorism, our country needs a leader who will pursue diplomacy and security with a steady hand. John McCain is a leader with a vision for a more prosperous, secure America.” (John McCain 2008, “Fmr. U.S. Secretaries Of State Pledge Support To McCain,” Press Release, 4/10/07)

Newsweek’s Michael Hirsh: “As We Now Know Nearly Four Years Later, McCain Was Dead On In His Analysis Of What Went Wrong In Iraq.” “In early November 2003, at a time when Fred Dalton Thompson was playing a tough D.A. on ‘Law and Order,’ John McCain was cross-examining Donald Rumsfeld for real on Capitol Hill. It was still very early into the U.S. occupation of Iraq, but the as-yet-unacknowledged (by Rummy, that is) insurgency was already out of control. Alone among his fellow GOP senators, McCain blasted Rumsfeld for not putting enough U.S. troops on the ground, and for resorting too soon to ‘Iraqification’ — that is, transferring security to ill-prepared Iraqi forces. In an extraordinarily blunt speech at the Council on Foreign Relations that grim autumn, McCain warned that ultimately Iraq could become another Vietnam ‘if we lose popular support in the United States.’ The next day, the secretary of Defense asked McCain to breakfast. ‘I read your speech,’ harrumphed Rumsfeld (that ‘must have been an enjoyable experience for him,’ McCain later joked to me). Then Rummy patiently explained to his fellow Republican why he and his top civilian brass (Paul Wolfowitz, Doug Feith and the usual crowd of incompetents) would continue to do things the same way. They ‘believed there was no need for additional troops,’ McCain later related. McCain had already realized that Rumsfeld was a lost cause. The real question, the senator suggested to me back then, was whether George W. Bush himself would push Rummy to make changes. ‘I’d like to see the president fully engaged,’ McCain said. Bush needed to be on top of ‘more details of what’s going on.’ As we now know nearly four years later, McCain was dead on in his analysis of what went wrong in Iraq. Right down to the need for Bush to get engaged and fire Rumsfeld. McCain was so right that, among military experts today, the emerging conventional wisdom about Bush’s current ‘surge’ is that if it had occurred back then — when McCain wanted it and the political will existed in this country to support it for the necessary number of years — it might well have succeeded.” (Michael Hirsh, “Why McCain’s Collapse Matters,” Newsweek, 7/26/07)

·         The Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes: “The Loudest Voice For A Change In Iraq Was Senator John McCain Of Arizona.” “But the loudest voice for a change in Iraq was Senator John McCain of Arizona. He and his sidekick, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, traveled repeatedly to Iraq. McCain badgered Bush and Hadley with phone calls urging more troops and a different strategy. Together, McCain, Keane, Petraeus, the network of Army officers, and Kagan provided a supportive backdrop for adopting a new strategy.” (Fred Barnes, “How Bush Decided On The Surge,” The Weekly Standard, 2/4/08)


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  1. February 10, 2008 12:40 pm

    Hahahha, regarding mccain and iraq: McCain and Iraq

  2. February 10, 2008 12:53 pm

    Hahahha, regarding mccain and iraq: McCain and Iraq

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