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Congressman Barrett, House Members Roll-out Low Gas Price Plan

May 22, 2008

Congressman Barrett, House Members Roll-out
Low Gas Price Plan

Congressman Barrett (top left) stands with House Republican Members to announce an energy initiative to lower gas prices.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Gresham Barrett (SC, 03) joined House Republican Members on the U.S. Capitol steps today to unveil an energy plan to reduce gas prices for Americans. The event came less than one week after Congressman Barrett’s Main Street energy tour in the Third District, S.C., to discuss domestic energy solutions introduced in H.R. 6001- the Main Street U.S.A. Energy Act of 2008.

“Today, I, along with more than 40 of my Congressional peers, stood on the steps of our Capitol to announce an energy plan that uses domestic energy sources as a part of a solution for high gas prices. Americans are suffering from high gas prices and the price to fill up the family car is eating right through their budgets. Unfortunately, as Memorial Day approaches, many American families will forgo holiday plans to avoid the increased expense to travel. It is necessary to bring attention to the affect of high gas prices, but it is also necessary to offer an action-plan that delivers a lower price at the pump.

“Last week, I traveled to the first cities on my Main Street energy tour to tell people about legislation introduced last week that promotes utilizing domestic energy sources. Exploring domestic energy solutions may help reduce gas prices, and would also address our national security concerns by granting the U.S. independence from international energy sources. The Republican plan promotes the use of alternate energy sources, such as nuclear energy. As 52% of South Carolina’s power already comes from nuclear plants – this energy plan speaks volumes for what it can deliver here on the home front.

“As I continue to tour the Third District on my Main Street energy tour, I will also discuss the importance of the comprehensive energy plan offered today by House Republicans. Both plans would meet our growing energy needs using American-made energy,” said Congressman Barrett.

The House Republican energy plan would:

  • Increase the production of American-made energy in an environmentally-safe way. This includes the exploration of next generation oil, natural gas, and coal and the production of advanced alternative fuels like cellulosic and clean coal-to-liquids – all while protecting our natural resources for future generations.
  • Promote new, clean, and reliable sources of energy like advanced nuclear and next generation coal, while promoting clean power from renewable energy such as wind and hydroelectric power.  Nuclear energy has proven itself as a safe, carbon-free and environmentally friendly alternative, with France relying on it for nearly 80 percent of its electricity needs, compared to just 19 percent in America.
  • Cut red tape and increase the supply of American-made fuel and energy. Limiting the construction of new oil refineries and bureaucratic regulations mandating the use of exotic fuels has decreased supply.
  • Encourage greater energy efficiency by offering conservation tax incentives to Americans who make their home, car, and business more energy efficient.
You can read more details about the Republican energy agenda in the document: Republican Energy Solutions.
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