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Kyle Boyd on the Common Sense Contract for Change

May 23, 2008

Contact: Kyle Boyd 2008
3240 Bannock Drive
Ft. Mill, SC 29715
(803) 431-9920

“I was proud to stand with those other challengers at the State House this week and sign the Common Sense Contract for Change. I’m excited that this group of fine South Carolinians are just like you and me—hard-working, taxpaying citizens of our state who are totally fed up with RINO Republicans—that’s Republicans in Name only—running around, getting in the papers and posing as conservatives. The people of my district don’t know why our current rep—who calls himself a “progressive republican” which to me means “liberal”—has consistently opposed our very popular governor at pretty much every turn. I’m going to Columbia as a proud conservative and I promise that I will support the governor in his efforts to cut government spending, lower taxes on the hard working men and women of our state and take principled stands on important issues.”  

Mr. Boyd is running for the State House, district 48

For more information on Kyle’s campaign visit: or 803-431-9920

Video of the press conference:


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