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DeMint: Senate Farm Vote Unconstitutional

May 23, 2008

DeMint: Senate Farm Vote Unconstitutional

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) voted “present” on a Senate vote to override a presidential veto on a farm bill that never passed the House or Senate. The Congress did pass a farm bill on May 15; however, a different bill was sent to the President for his veto.

“The way this bloated, wasteful bill was forced through is irresponsible and sets a terrible precedent,” said Senator DeMint.

“I have never voted ‘present’ before, but I did today because of the extraordinary circumstances. Let there be no mistake, I have consistently and strongly opposed the farm bill and I support the President’s veto. But I could not in good conscience vote to give legitimacy to this irresponsible process.”

“The Constitution requires that the House, the Senate and the President consider identical bills. This did not happen. Instead, we voted on a phony farm bill that was different from the legislation we passed earlier.”

“This Congress is out of control in its rush to pass wasteful Washington spending for special interests. The President should immediately instruct federal agencies to ignore the unconstitutional actions taken by the Senate today.”


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