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Democrats Fail to Support Victory in Iraq

May 23, 2008

Democrats Fail to Support Victory in Iraq

WASHINGTON – Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02), founder and co-chair of the Victory in Iraq Caucus, issued the following statement today after Democrats prevented an amendment he offered to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2009 from being considered during House debate.  Wilson’s amendment would have attached the text of H.Con.Res. 315, a resolution supporting the idea that coalition victory in Iraq is possible.

“In a time of war, it is vital that we stand united with the brave men and women who are defending our freedoms and protecting American families,” said Rep. Wilson.  “I am proud that the majority in Congress believes we need to provide vital equipment and resources to our troops.  However, we have an obligation and today we had an opportunity to say unequivocally that the United States and the House of Representatives are dedicated to achieving victory in Iraq, a crucial battle in the Global War on Terrorism.  Unfortunately, the majority leadership refuses to make that pledge.”

H.Con.Res. 315 reads in its entirety:

Supporting the idea that coalition victory in Iraq is possible.

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the Congress–

(1) supports the idea that the war in Iraq is not lost;

(2) recognizes that the overall progress being made on the ground in Iraq is undeniable;

(3) recognizes that much of this progress is due to the skill, persistence, and valor of the American service member;

(4) recognizes that the decision by the President and our military leadership to provide a surge of troops to implement a new counterinsurgency strategy was the correct course of action and has been successful; and

(5) hopes for, and will do all it can to help ensure, coalition victory there as soon as possible.

Wilson’s resolution currently has over 100 cosponsors including the entire Republican House Leadership.


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  1. Silence Dogood permalink
    May 25, 2008 1:07 am

    Stupid political pandering at its best. Joe Wilson has got to be really ticked we are not still in Vietnam so he could enter this amendment for that war also. If there has ever been a better time, or way, to make sure the future policies of what is in the best interests of American foreign policy is determined by attacks on patriotism or fear of making slights towards the troops instead of considering what is in the best interest of our country – Joe Wilson has found it. Bravo Joe! I just wish he was planning company picnics that nobody attends instead of the future of America.

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