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Senate Concurs On Cigarette Tax Amendment

May 23, 2008
Senate Concurs On Cigarette Tax Amendment
Senator Alexander: Pleased with the outcome.
Columbia, SC - The South Carolina Senate today concurred with House
amendment to H. 3567, the proposed 50-cents per pack cigarette tax
increase. Senator Thomas Alexander, who chaired a Senate Finance
Subcommittee that studied the proposed tax increase, gave the following
comments on the Senate’s actions.

“I am very pleased with the outcome. This has been a long road and we
are on the verge of a historic moment. I appreciate the support of the
House. This was a joint effort with a number of people contributing to
the success of this bill. I would say this is a great day for all those,
who we will never know by name, which would have had countless health
issues caused by smoking, but never started smoking because of the
actions of this General Assembly. If we reduce the number of smokers we
all win. 

Despite the bill passing both the Senate and House and enjoying
widespread public support, Governor Mark Sanford has vowed to veto the

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