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ReformSC Releases Ad Highlighting State Spending Concerns

May 24, 2008

For Immediate Release

Contact: Sally Williamson

Phone: 803-243-2288

ReformSC Releases Ad Highlighting State Spending Concerns

Click here to view ad:

Governor Mark Sanford says ?government can?t be efficient if it doesn?t prioritize?

Columbia, SC ? Today, ReformSC released a statewide television ad asking South Carolinians to become more active in the state spending process. The ad highlights the fact that South Carolina state government has grown by over 40% in the last three years and that bad budgeting decisions must end.

?I volunteered to do this ad quite simply because we’re approaching our last chance this year for voters to impact the spending debate here in Columbia,” said Governor Sanford. ?It?s time for some tough choices as we face the consequences of having grown government as fast

as policymakers in Columbia have over the last four years. I’d

simply ask that anyone who believes in this notion of responsible spending and limited government to take action by calling their local senator or representative.?

In the ad, Governor Sanford specifically mentions the state?s over $20 billion unfunded liability to retirees and their health care. Unless real reforms are made soon, the debt threatens to saddle future generations with either large tax increases or cuts in critical services to pay for the IOUs being written today.

ReformSC was established to draw attention to the things that can and should change in South Carolina state government. Those include an

1895 Constitution and a government structure that lacks accountability as well the pattern of unsustainable government growth that threatens our competitiveness today and our childrens’ financial situation tomorrow.

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  1. leadership SC permalink
    May 25, 2008 9:07 am

    As basically a shareholder of SC, I think Sanford should be fired. Simply put, Sanford ran on the leadership platform. Alas, after 6 years in office he is getting acquainted with the job, or is he just making sure he does well on his finals(looks good on resume). I wish he had actually led like this from the beginning. But, I guess management has a learning curve.

    Can we recall him?

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