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Kyle Boyd endorsed by SC Club for PAC

May 27, 2008

Kyle Boyd, conservative Republican candidate for SC House District 48, is proud to accept the endorsement today of the South Carolina Club for Growth PAC. “The South Carolina club for Growth represents what real South Carolinians want—fiscal conservatism and common sense budget restraint. I truly appreciate the Club recognizing that I am the true conservative in this race and that my values and conservatism reflect what they stand for.”

The South Carolina Club for Growth is a group of citizens dedicated to expanding the prosperity of working families through the Reagan Doctrine of lower taxes, smaller government and strong free enterprise. As the South Carolina affiliate for a rapidly growing national organization, the Club is committed to seeing that South Carolinians regain their voice in state politics. For far too long, elected officials who claim to be fiscal conservatives have cast aside their beliefs to partake in a bloated government that insists on taking more and more from families trying to achieve the American Dream. To that end, the South Carolina Club for Growth is committed to supporting and electing men and women who are advocates of the Reagan Doctrine.

SC Club for Growth State Action PAC Endorses Five More Outstanding Candidates

Columbia, SC – Today, the South Carolina Club for Growth State Action PAC endorsed five more reform-minded candidates seeking election in the upcoming June 10th primary.

Kyle Boyd, Deborah Long, Joey Millwood, Mike Rose and Tommy Stringer are committed to creating a better South Carolina through reducing wasteful spending, reforming our tax code and changing our outdated state government structure. They know, through diverse experience, that limited government and lower taxes lead to greater economic prosperity. Above all, they will work to reform a failed status quo that continues to hold our state back.

SC Club for Growth PAC continues to work as a vital ally to those candidates who believe in better government. Today’s endorsements follow our announced support of 25 reform-minded candidates in the past two months. With that in mind, we are proud to announce our endorsements of the following reformers:


Kyle Boyd is a principled leader who will bring fresh ideas to Columbia. He founded and currently serves as headmaster of the Walnut Grove Christian School, which serves over 80 students and 15 teachers. Boyd is the true fiscal conservative in this race and has pledged to lead on tax reform, school choice and controlling state spending. He opposes pork spending in the state budget and as a leader in education, he knows what it takes to truly prepare children for the 21st century.

Boyd’s opponent, freshman House member Carl Gullick, earned an “F” on our 2007 scorecard. A self-proclaimed “progressive conservative,” Gullick recently boasted of his opposition to school choice reform, declaring it the “centerpiece” of his campaign. Yet Gullick’s anti-reform agenda does not end with education, as he also voted to override over 80% Governor Sanford’s budget vetoes last year that would have saved taxpayers over $167 million. One political commentator recently wrote that Gullick is one of the “big government Republicans who consistently vote against market-based reforms and in favor of an ever-escalating government bureaucracy.”

We believe Kyle Boyd will be a leader in the South Carolina House. His diverse experiences in education and leading a business make him the right choice in district 48.


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