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Senate Democrats React to Sanford’s Health Care Veto

May 27, 2008

South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus

Contact: Phil Bailey – 803.318.2763

For Immediate Release

May 27, 2008

Senate Democrats React to Sanford’s Health Care Veto

Columbia, SC – South Carolina Senate Democrats today called on members of the SC House to override Governor Mark Sanford’s veto of increasing the state’s cigarette tax for affordable health care. Democratic Senators issued the following statements:

Senator John C. Land, III, Senate Democratic Leader said:

“Once again Governor Sanford was given an opportunity to show leadership on an issue that affects all South Carolinians and once again he has failed. Signing this bill into law should have been a no-brainer for the governor. But I guess counting on Sanford doing something logical would be giving him too much credit.”

Senator Joel Lourie of Richland and Kershaw Counties said:

“It’s a sad day when the governor of this state puts his own ideology above the health, well-being, and desires of the people of South Carolina. This initiative is about fighting cancer, saving lives and preventing young people from becoming tobacco users. We hope our friends in the House will override this veto and the Senate will do the same.”

Senator Darrell Jackson of Richland County said:

“It really is frustrating to see something that would have helped so many of our citizens get stopped because of one man’s personal philosophy. Health care is an issue that affects us all and this plan would have gone a long way to creating access to affordable health care for more South Carolinians. The House needs to step up and override this veto.”


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