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Mike Forrester Denounces Special Interest Group Activity

May 28, 2008

Mike Forrester Denounces Special Interest Group Activity
Asks “What are they getting in return?”

(Spartanburg, SC) – Who’s sending you the mail? That’s the question Spartanburg voters should be asking when they receive political flyers. Check the upper left-hand corner to see who’s interest is being represented. If it’s not being sent by the candidate themselves, it’s from a special interest group.

Over the past few weeks, homes in Spartanburg County have been bombarded by mailings promoting Ken Roach’s candidacy. These mailings have not been from Ken Roach himself. Instead they come from an out-of-state special interest group called “South Carolinians for Responsible Government” (SCRG). Today, Mike Forrester, Republican candidate for State House denounced the group’s activities and asked “what are they getting in return from Ken Roach.”

SCRG is a shell group for New York millionaire Howard Rich. Over the past three election cycles, SCRG has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into campaigns across South Carolina promoting candidates who will affiliate themselves with their anti-public education agenda and attacking candidates who had the courage to stand up to their threats. In the race for South Carolina House District 34, SCRG has spent ten-of-thousands of dollars promoting Ken Roach’s campaign.

“Spartanburg County voters need to know who is funding and promoting Ken Roach’s campaign. More importantly, they need to know why. I stand with our public schools and my vote will never be for sale. I won’t let some New York millionaire run experimental programs on our schools and I will never betray our teachers and students for his money,” Forrester said.

He continued “No one spends this much money without getting something in return, so Ken Roach needs answer this question – what are these groups getting in return for their investment into your campaign?”


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