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May 28, 2008


Citizens for Sound Conservation announced today that its website – – is now active and online.

This website is the state’s pre-eminent source of information for research, facts, news and commentary regarding the effort to achieve a much needed balance between protection and usage of our natural resources. Too often the media, general public and elected officials are presented with only one side of the story. This website seeks to fill that void so there can be a more balanced and informed debate regarding environmental protection and economic growth.

In addition to providing readers with the most up to date news and opinions on related topics, the website also has several other noteworthy features. These include timely poll questions, a monthly spotlight highlighting a significant sound conservation initiative or process in South Carolina, and of course a fact versus fiction section.

As a pro-growth, pro-environment organization that believes market principles should be used where possible to achieve a balance between growth and protection, this website will focus on communicating news items that reflect our opinion on this important topic.

Citizens for Sound Conservation encourage you to visit our website daily for news updates and insightful commentary; sign up as a supporter; and hopefully contribute to the cause of sound conservation in South Carolina.


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