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Obama’s Midlands Director Running for Clerk of Court

May 28, 2008

Columbia, SC- Kendall Corley, candidate for Richland County Clerk of Court, is running on the foundation of Change and New Ideas.

“Many people in Richland County think it is time for a change in the clerk’s office. On June 10th I am asking the voters to support my candidacy, Change and New Ideas.”

Why Should Kendall Corley be Clerk of Court?

Upgrading & Improving the Technological Structure of the office:

· Enhance the Clerk of Court website by making it more interactive and user-friendly

· Provide state-of-the-art security measures at the courthouse and work to build coalitions to improve overall courthouse security

· Upgrade the office’s current phone system – to often Richland Co. residents calling the clerk’s office and courthouse go through five or more prompts before they are able to reach a live person; this must change.

· Work to make the courthouse energy efficient and more environmentally conscience.

Provide More Service Options for Richland Co. Residents

· Create safe, secure, and reliable options for individuals to pay child support balances by phone and online methods

· Provide options for individuals to file certain legal documents with the office online

· Provide the option to pay child support balances with debit and check cards

· Provide an online and phone service where individuals can check account balances with the office

Protect the Integrity of the Richland Co. Child Support System

· Ensure prompt child support payment procedures

· Ensure proper child support collection procedures

· Provide immediate access for balance payments through bank draft, debit card, and check card options

Improve the Quality of Customer Service

· Provide periodic customer service checks and training for all staff and employees

· The office will follow the code that everyone entering the courthouse is greeted in a professional manner and they are treated with dignity and respect.

Kendall Corley’s Background and Experiences

· Barack Obama for President Midlands Director

· Project Manager – Benjamin Law Firm, LLC

· Case Worker – SC Department of Social Services

· Principal of K.L. Corley & Associates, LLC

· Member of South Carolina Public Records Association

· Member of the Council of Village Elders

· Volunteer with South Carolina Fair Share Coalition

· A Member of Brookland Baptist Church

· Attended South Carolina Public Schools and Norfolk State University Majoring in Political Science/Public Administration.

· York rite Mason & Shriner

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