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SC Club for Growth Calls on Legislature to Uphold Governor’s Budget Vetoes

May 28, 2008


Columbia, SC – Today, the South Carolina Club for Growth called on the South Carolina House and Senate to uphold Governor Mark Sanford’s budget vetoes.

“We hope those who believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility will stand with Governor Sanford on these vetoes. As a balanced budget state, the legislature should pass a budget that is balanced rather than one that calls for deficits at two of our largest agencies,” said Matt Moore, Executive Director of SC Club for Growth.  “It’s also time for our legislature to put South Carolina on a better financial course by addressing the over $20 billion in unpaid political promises and ending pork spending once and for all.”

“As we said in our March letter to the House, ‘Whether in good times or bad, it’s critical that any business invest in core functions.’  Governor Sanford’s veto message makes it clear that we must pay for school buses and prison guards before raiding reserve funds to pay for election year pork,” said Moore.  “The $18.5 million locked in the so-called ‘competitive grants program’ piggy bank should be used to fund the real needs of government.  Taxpayers should be appalled that their hard-earned dollars are going to pay for things like hot-air balloon festivals, golf tournaments and collard celebrations.  For a change, it’s time for responsible budgeting and putting taxpayers first.”

The South Carolina Club for Growth is a homegrown organization dedicated to protecting taxpayers and pushing for better government, increased economic growth and more money for families and small businesses whose budgets are not growing nearly as fast as our governments.’

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