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Senator Alexander Issues Statement on Cigarette Tax Veto

May 28, 2008
Senator Alexander Issues Statement on Cigarette Tax Veto

Columbia, SC - Senator Thomas Alexander (R-Oconee) issued the following
comments related to the governor’s decision to veto the cigarette tax
increase passed by the General Assembly last week:

“The cigarette tax increase passed originally with joint and
bi-partisan legislative support. I hope that we would see that same
joint effort by the House and the Senate in a vote to override the
governor’s veto. This is a historic moment, for the first time in
31-years, a bill to increase the state’s cigarette tax has made it to
the governor’s desk and now it is important for us to come together as
the General Assembly of South Carolina and represent the overwhelming
voice of the people of South Carolina.” 

“We may never know the number of people who will never start smoking
or the health care related problems prevented, because of the important
resources for smoking prevention and cessation programs provided for in
the bill. The bill also provides for increased access and affordability
of health care for the uninsured citizens of South Carolina.” 

“I just think this is the right thing at the right time and I am
confident we will be able to look back 30 years from now and say with
great pride that, this General Assembly, at this time, did the right

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