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SCRG responds to Mr. Herndon

May 29, 2008

Dear Mr. Herndon,

Thank you for your email.  I appreciate you taking the time to contact South Carolinians for Responsible Government.

Through mail, radio and Internet, we have been very clear about our objectives.  In fact, you can read about it on our website at We have long advocated the need for lower taxes, government restructuring, conservative judges and for tuition tax credits.

In my view, citizens don’t need to be wary of a conservative organization that advocates for better schools, lower taxes and streamlining government, but rather someone, like yourself, who one day professes a particular set of beliefs, but then decides – perhaps on the advice of a slick political consultant – that he’s changed his position.  What else could describe your sudden about face on the issue of school choice?

In the survey that you signed and submitted to us on April 18th, you clearly checked that you supported both a scholarship granting organization and a voucher system.  I’m sure this will come as a complete surprise to the editors of The State. If you don’t remember, I’ve included a copy of it for you – as well as the members of the media that were copied on this message. (Click here for the copy)


Randy Page, President

South Carolinians for Responsible Government

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