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South Carolinians Should Be Angry!

May 29, 2008

South Carolinians Should Be Angry!

Republicans Have Failed South Carolina’s Working Class Families and Children!

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford vetoed $72 million from our state’s budget along with several other major bills this week. These vetoes included a $21.3 million expansion of the state-federal State Children’s Health Insurance Program, paid for with a 50 cent-per-pack cigarette tax, which would have covered more than 88,000 children in South Carolina.

Governor Sanford’s action is expected, but not excusable.  We should expect more from House Speaker Bobby Harrell and other House Republicans. Democrats as well as a large number of Republicans tried to override the cigarette tax veto. But the House speaker had this to say about the cigarette tax and underprivileged South Carolina families:

“Today, over half of all births in South Carolina are paid for by Medicaid…What kind of message are we sending to our state’s future generations? Using this tax to expand a government entitlement program will set up an expectation of non-responsibility and establish an entitlement society. These children will grow up being taught that it is the government’s job to care for them.”

Does the Speaker think a sick child is not entitled to health care? Sure sounds like it.

It may be too late for our legislators to override this Sanford veto, but it’s not too late to ask Rep. Harrell if he has a state health insurance plan. If you’re as angry with him as we are for turning his back on thousands of South Carolina’s children, give him a call.

We wouldn’t want him to feel entitled to make these offensive comments without some response.  Give him a call and ask him if he thinks he and the Governor are entitled to health insurance for themselves and their families.

If our tax dollars aren’t good enough for working families in South Carolina they’re certainly not good enough to pay for health insurance for the Governor and the Speaker.

Paid for by the South Carolina Democratic Party – 1.800.841.1817 or
and not authorized by any federal candidate or candidate’s committee.

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