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Roger Nutt Statement on Today’s House Adjournment

May 30, 2008
Roger Nutt Statement on Today's House Adjournment

"Despite all of Representative Kelly's diversionary efforts in the past few
weeks in money, mail, illegal robo calls, and false accusations, today we
got to see him as the Republican in Name Only that he is. He had the chance
to cut the taxpayers of SC and District 35 a real break and support Governor
Sanford's spending vetoes, but not only did he vote to override ALL three
vetoes, he also voted to adjourn at 2pm instead of taking up other veto
votes. I'm not shocked, but I sure hope the voters of District 35 are paying
close attention to the chasm of difference between who Mr. Kelly says he is
and how he votes. So much for his claims of supporting spending caps--this
is just another demonstration of the arrogance and "politics as usual"
attitude out of Columbia that makes voters sick." 

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  1. Gene E. Nowak permalink
    June 1, 2008 6:26 pm

    This is why Kelly and Talley need replacing with a real republicans.

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