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Trey Whitehurst Statement on Today’s House Adjournment

May 30, 2008
Trey Whitehurst Statement on Today's House Adjournment

"I was excited to see today that the SC House of Representatives actually
voted to sustain the first three of Governor Sanford's vetoes that attempted
to rein in our runaway spending. I was thinking that we might finally give
our taxpaying families a real break for a change from this outrageous state
spending that has risen 41% in the last three years.  Then I saw that some
of the same architects of the government spending spree voted to adjourn for
the weekend and not take up the other vetoes. Although my opponent has been
claiming to be a "conservative" and putting out mail that says he supports
spending restraint, he has shown once again that he's just an election-year
conservative by voting against the governor's efforts to protect taxpayers
from excessive spending.

The South Carolina Club for Growth issued a statement today regarding the
South Carolina House of Representatives' decision to adjourn after taking up
only three of Governor Sanford's appropriations vetoes.

"Today's adjournment came shortly after Rep. Dan Cooper saw that too many
legislators were standing up for taxpayers by supporting the governor's
vetoes.  It was shocking that he made a motion to adjourn for the weekend -
even though it was just past 2:00 pm on a Thursday." said Matt Moore,
Executive Director of SC Club for Growth.

"Big-spending liberals in the House today showed their true colors by
cutting and running after they were defeated.  By voting to adjourn rather
than continuing to stand with the governor, certain legislators proved their
true addiction to spending.  It's simply wrong that the status-quo
legislators will use this extra time to twist arms and cut more backroom
deals that are bad for taxpayers," said Moore.
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