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Family Group Establishes PAC, Website, Endorses Candidates

June 3, 2008

Family Group Establishes PAC, Website, Endorses Candidates

June 2, 2008


The officers of Palmetto Family Council have established Palmetto Family Political Action Committee (PFPAC), a new state political action organization. The purpose of the independently chartered committee is to endorse candidates who are outstanding in their support for the educational mission of Palmetto Family Council and the legislative agenda of Palmetto Family Alliance.

In its first regular board meeting last week, PFPAC supported the following eleven (11) candidates in its initial round of endorsements:

Larry Martin (SC Senate District 2)
Mike Fair (SC Senate District 6)
Greg Ryberg (SC Senate District 24)

Trey Whitehurst (SC House District 2)
Mark Willis (SC House District 16)
Tommy Stringer (SC House District 18)
Bob Leach (SC House District 21)
Ralph Davenport (SC House District 37)
Deborah Long (SC House District 45)
Sheri Few (SC House District 79)
Tim Scott (SC House District 117)

Incumbent candidates were endorsed based on their roll call vote performance as reflected in the Palmetto Family Alliance Legislative Scorecard, Family Issues Candidate Survey scores and legislative leadership on family issues.

Challengers were endorsed based on a combination of Family Issues Candidate Survey scores, personal interviews and viability.

All data PFPAC used to analyze candidates can be found on the PAC’s new website,


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