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Power of Attorneys: SC AG has weighed in on this debate

June 3, 2008



Family Research Council
Family Research Council

Refer a Friend | June 2, 2008

Power of Attorneys

The weeks leading up to June 16 in California are proving to be anxious ones for both sides of the marriage debate. On that Monday, the state Supreme Court will announce whether homosexual pairs can wed immediately or whether California will hold off on implementing its decision until voters cast their ballots on the marriage protection amendment in November. While homosexual activists are already claiming victory, pro-marriage allies from across the nation are bolstering the court’s case for “staying” the ruling. The attorneys general of nine states, all of whom have a stake in the outcome of the June decision, urged the justices not to instigate same-sex “marriage” until the November election. In a strong showing, the attorneys general of Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah echoed our concern that a premature walk down California’s aisle could mean legal bedlam in several states. Unlike Massachusetts, California law allows couples from other states to obtain marriage licenses. If out-of-state couples exchange vows before November, then travel home and sue their home state for recognition, American courts will be tied up for years trying to sort out what was preventable chaos. For the 26 states with marriage protection amendments, homosexual activists face an uphill battle even if the June 16 outcome is favorable to them. Last week, we witnessed the potency of a marriage amendment in Oregon when a federal court threw out a legal challenge to the state’s definition of marriage. On Friday, a Wisconsin court followed with a second blow to same-sex “marriage” by dismissing a lawsuit to overturn the Badger State’s marriage amendment. While everyone from Macy’s bridal registry to New York Gov. David Paterson (D) is trying to accommodate same-sex weddings, public opinion is still opposed to gay “marriage.” On Thursday, the Pew Research Center announced the results of a new poll in which “28 percent of voters view the issue as ‘very important’ in their decision about who [sic] to vote for in the fall.” Despite cries that the issue is losing traction, Pew’s research shows that the resistance to same-sex “marriage” has held steady since 2004. This is certain to trouble most Democrats leading up to the general election, particularly since large pockets of that opposition reside in one of their most reliable voting blocs–black and Hispanic women. As Ben Wattenberg of the American Enterprise Institute says, “…Democrats always say social issues have gone away and they never do. They [haven’t] gone away since 1968.”

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Habitat for Inhumanity

Habitat for Humanity is known for housing the poor, but Floridians want to know why one of America’s most respected Christian ministries would help build a home for Planned Parenthood. The unusual partnership evolved in Sarasota, when the nation’s largest abortion merchant applied to build a new clinic. Because of the city’s zoning policy, which requires that a multi-family housing unit exist on the back of the lot, Planned Parenthood’s request was denied. To solve the problem, Planned Parenthood sold the property to Habitat for $10 in exchange for the ministry’s agreement to build the housing unit. After striking the deal, Planned Parenthood resubmitted the request to construct a new clinic with these adjustments to the city commission. It was approved by a 3-2 vote. When pro-lifers started to get wind of the alliance, emails and phone calls of protest started flooding Habitat’s offices. The decision on whether or not to go through with the plan now sits with the board of directors for approval. Join FRC in respectfully asking the board to reconsider its affiliation with the organization responsible for killing more unborn babies than any other abortion merchant in the world. Urge them to uphold their biblical standards by calling the Sarasota office at 941-365-0700.

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Parents for Truth!

Proponents of condom-based sex education may outspend American parents, but the National Abstinence Education Association (NAEA) is working to ensure that liberal groups don’t outnumber them. Last week, the NAEA launched the powerful Parents for Truth campaign, which is working to recruit moms and dads to lobby their local schools to adopt abstinence curriculum and elect leaders who promote it. In the first phase of the project, the NAEA hopes to involve at least one million parents. The new website,, has dozens of resources for families, including a new three-minute video highlighted by Sunday’s Washington Post that exposes the radical curriculum now in place in thousands of U.S. schools. Get involved! Log on today and discover how you can take back your children’s classrooms with the truth!

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