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S.C. Citizens for Life’s PAC announces its support for Rep. Bill Sandifer

June 3, 2008
Sandifer Scores Major Pro-Life Endorsement
S.C. Citizens for Life's PAC announces its support for Rep. Bill Sandifer

Seneca, SC -- Because of his pro-life voting record, S.C. House member Bill
Sandifer has been endorsed by S.C. Citizens for Life (SCCL) Political Action
Committee, known as "LIFEPAC," in his bid for re-election.

SCCL is the state's largest and most prominent pro-life group and is the
state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee, the nation's
largest single-issue right-to-life organization.

"LIFEPAC is pleased to endorse you for re-election to the office of South
Carolina House of Representatives District 2," wrote LIFEPAC Chairman Joe
Rumler in a letter sent to Sandifer. "We appreciate your years of commitment
to protecting innocent human life...We look forward to working with you
again to further enhance the protection of pre-born children and the
medically fragile members of our human family."

"I am deeply honored to receive an endorsement from S.C. Citizens for Life,"
Sandifer said. "For many years, I have worked closely with members of this
group on legislation that protects the sanctity of human life. Moving
forward, I am eager to continue working to protect and defend the unborn."

This year in the S.C. House, Sandifer has been an avid supporter the
ultrasound bill, which was signed into law in May and requires women seeking
an abortion to be told they have the right to view an ultrasound.

Sandifer's LIFEPAC endorsement follows last week's endorsements from the
National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (for his support of
individual rights and the Second Amendment) and U.S. Congressman Gresham
Barrett (for his solid record as a fiscal and social conservative).

For more information about Rep. Bill Sandifer, please visit

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