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SC Club for Growth Launches Statewide “Cut the Pork” Tour

June 3, 2008

SC Club for Growth Launches Statewide “Cut the Pork” Tour

Seeks to educate voters on pork-barrel spending and

which elected officials spend too much time at the trough.

Columbia, SC-The South Carolina Club for Growth announced today they will be conducting a statewide “Cut the Pork” Tour, which aims to educate voters on the extravagant pork barrel spending of the General Assembly, as well as their routine over-riding of Governor Sanford’s vetoes– vetoes aimed at slashing wasteful spending. Included in the tour will be a gigantic inflatable pig, symbolizing both the lawmakers’ “taste for pork,” and the “hot air” required to “say one thing, then do another.”

“We’re fed up with the hypocrisy,” said Matt Moore, executive director of SC Club for Growth, “especially among legislators who run as conservative Republicans, then spend like liberal Democrats. It’s our goal to simply shine a light on the spending practices of these individuals, and let the voters draw their own conclusions.”

The schedule for the tour was not disclosed, as organizers want their arrival in each targeted district to be a surprise.

“These pork-spending legislators know who they are, and we like the idea of them sweating,” said Moore. “They are spoiled incumbents, and are used to being re-elected with very little effort. That will change this year, because there are a lot of excellent, fiscally-conservative candidates running.”

The special guest at each event will be Senator Gimm E. DeBacon, III, who will defend the practice of pork barrel spending. According to Moore, their group wants to ensure both sides of the argument are heard.

“We’re just giving Senator DeBacon the rope,” said Moore. “We think he’ll take it from there.”


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  1. Lou Nolan permalink
    October 12, 2008 10:48 pm

    I need help locating the cost per pupil for public education in SC.

    Thank you,

    Lou Nolan

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