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SC Club for Growth PAC Announces “Final Four” Endorsements of Nanney, Rumsey, Whitehead and Wylie

June 4, 2008


Contact: Matt Moore


Columbia, SC – Today, the South Carolina Club for Growth PAC issued its final four endorsements of the 2008 primary season.  Primary elections will be held across the state next Tuesday, June 10.

Wendy Nanney, Ed Rumsey, Jim Whitehead and Bill Wylie are experienced leaders committed to creating a better South Carolina.  Their voices will be critical in the battles to reduce wasteful spending, reform our tax code, increase educational opportunities for our children, and change our outdated state government structure.  For example, the need for their leadership was evident just yesterday, as pro-reform forces were only two votes shy of killing the much-derided competitive grants program that is widely viewed as a multi-million dollar “legislative slush fund.”  Leadership matters, and that’s why their election next Tuesday is important.

SC Club for Growth PAC continues to work as a vital ally to those candidates who believe in better government.  With today’s endorsements, SC Club for Growth PAC has endorsed 17 candidates taking on challengers or running in open races.

With the above in mind, we are proud to announce our endorsement of the following reformers:


Wendy Nanney is past chair of the Greenville County Republican Party and believes in the power of conservative principles.  She has a track record of success and will be a leader in the South Carolina House.

Nanney’s opponent, incumbent Rep. Gloria Haskins, earned an “F” on the 2007 SC Club for Growth scorecard for voting three times to put a Democrat on the state supreme court and voting to override 90% of Governor Sanford’s cost-saving vetoes.  In recent years, she has overridden Governor Sanford in 504 out of 563 chances, putting taxpayers on the hook for over $300 million in additional spending.

According to Nanney, “The citizens of House district 22 need active and effective conservative leadership to keep the Upstate and all of South Carolina a safe and secure place to work and raise a family.”  We agree and proudly endorse her.


Ed Rumsey will be a much-needed voice for change in Columbia. He is a veteran Air Force pilot and small business owner who wants to focus on reforming our failing education system, streamlining state government and controlling state spending. Rumsey has already pledged to reject any pension for his service in the legislature in order to demonstrate the sheer lunacy of a system that is much more generous than the benefits given to regular state employees.  His primary goal will be to end the legislature’s “rampage of spending” that has led to state spending growing by over 40% in the last three years.

Rumsey is challenging incumbent Rep. Bill Sandifer for this House seat, and as a county party chairman for six years, he has the experience to finally give his district real leadership.  Sandifer has repeatedly voted against important reforms in areas like pork spending, transportation oversight and increasing educational opportunities.  His combined record has earned him an “F” and “D-” on the Club’s last two scorecards, ranking him in the bottom three of all House Republicans – and even ranking below four Democrats.

Ed Rumsey will support the kind of common-sense changes that are needed to move South Carolina forward.  We gladly endorse him.


Jim Whitehead is a small business owner in North Augusta.  He has lived in the area for over 40 years and believes government can be reformed by running it more like a business.  Whitehead recently said, “If we ran government like a business, we wouldn’t have increased state spending by 41% over the last three years. No responsible business would spend the same amounts of money year after year on the same broken systems without seeing if what we’re doing works.”

Whitehead’s opponent, Rep. Don Smith, has been average on fiscal issues and earned SC Club for Growth grades of “C” in 2007 and “D” in 2005-2006.  Those grades were in earned by voting against key legislation like income tax relief and against efforts to establish more accountability at the SC Department of Transportation by moving authority under the executive branch rather than a quasi-legislative agency.  Most egregiously, he supported a 30% increase in the state gas tax in 2007.

Whitehead will be an outspoken advocate for good government in the South Carolina House and we proudly endorse him.


Bill Wylie is a veteran business leader who most recently completed his career as CEO of Goodwill Industries of the Upstate/Midlands.  Prior to serving as CEO of Goodwill, he served as CEO of Stone International and Umbro.  His extensive management experience will serve him well in the South Carolina House where he intends to focus on reforming government spending.  Wylie will be a true reformer willing to shake up an antiquated system that needs a shock to the system.

Wylie’s opponent, Rep. Bob Leach, has a poor record of looking out for taxpayers as he’s overridden over 85% of Governor Sanford’s vetoes in recent years, saddling taxpayers with hundreds of millions in wasteful spending.

As Wylie recently said, “There is a whole series of things that need to be changed in Columbia.  The way we spend money is atrocious.  I don’t think we’re managing our money the way a business would do.”  We wholeheartedly agree and are proud to endorse his candidacy.

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