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Rep. Bill Sandifer has recently been driving rumors

June 5, 2008

Rep. Bill Sandifer has recently been driving rumors and making personal attacks on Ed Rumsey stating that he is anti-religion. Though appalled by this harassment, Rumsey has stated that this is simply another distraction by the Representative’s campaign to mask Mr. Sandifer’s his liberal voting record.

“I guess if I were really a Democrat trying to disguise myself as a Republican in one of the most conservative districts in this state and had to sell tax swaps as tax cuts, I would do whatever it took to distract voters from the real issues conceal my rhino voting record, too,” said Rumsey.

Rumsey also stated that he would like for Mr. Sandifer’s campaign to remain about the issues, not about personal affairs.

“I really wish Mr. Sandifer would talk to voters about the issues and stop spending so much time and money diverting people from his actual voting record,” he said.

Ed Rumsey aspires to represent District 3 as a true conservative and modify our legislature to be more accountable to their voters.

“People are sick of this “business as usual” and “good ol’ boy” politics. We need real conservative change in Columbia. Even the Sandifer supporters I talk to are pretty uncomfortable with his opposition to the Governor Sanford and all of Sanford’s efforts to reduce spending and limit government.”

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