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June 6, 2008


Columbia, SC — Lieutenant Governor André Bauer thanked members of the General Assembly for their support on senior issues. “Strong support by senators and representatives means more geriatric physicians, continued funding of the Silver Haired Legislature, home and community services for the frail elderly, and cost of living increases in the state retirees’ pensions,” Bauer said at the conclusion of the legislative session today.

A geriatric loan forgiveness program that passed the General Assembly unanimously after being proposed by Bauer three years ago means South Carolina will attract three more geriatricians. The program has now extended 15 loans to these specialists who agree to treat elderly, in-state patients for at least five years. The country’s medical schools turn out only 300 board-certified annually. The nation faces similar shortages of all healthcare professionals, including nurses and social workers, with specific training and expertise in the care of older adults.

“Our Silver Haired Legislature will be able to continue to meet their legislative mandate to identify issues, concerns, and possible solutions for problems facing the aging population in South Carolina,” Bauer said.

“The Senate and House admirably supported the efforts to continue our innovative $2.9 million home and community based services program that helped 5,400 elderly people across our state maintain their independence and possibly defer or delay a costly hospital stay,” Bauer added. “I want to thank all the citizens who attended rallies, wrote letters to the editor, and called their legislators in order for this program to be preserved in a tight budget year.”

Lieutenant Governor Bauer also thanked lawmakers for overriding a veto involving a 2 percent cost of living adjustment for retirees who have participated in the South Carolina Retirement Systems. Bauer told lawmakers, “As the Constitutional Officer responsible for the Office on Aging, I do not support this veto. The Office on Aging works closely with seniors on fixed incomes who tell me of their hardships endured due to the escalating costs of food, gasoline and healthcare. At this time, our state’s retirees deserve our support.”

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  1. John A permalink
    June 7, 2008 5:58 am

    Why the hell is a republican Lt Governor supporting higher pensions (and more deficient spending) for retired state employees. The present employees are struggling to pay their bills and they are still working full time! I bet he does not even know that most South Carolinians don’t have a pension at all excepting for social security.

    Andre Bauer and his RIHNO’s never stop spending our money.

  2. Harriett Allen permalink
    June 7, 2008 1:18 pm

    I am in total agreement with statements of John A. above.

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