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Charleston Mercury Tells Voters to Send US Rep. Henry Brown, the “Workhorse” out to Pasture and to vote for Jenerette

June 7, 2008

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Charleston Mercury Tells Voters to Send US Rep. Henry Brown, the “Workhorse” out to Pasture and to vote for Jenerette.

SUBJECT: KATHERINE JENERETTE endorsed by Charleston Newspaper in Race for U.S. Congress, 1st District South Carolina against four term Incumbent

DATE: June 7, 2008



Katherine Jenerette endorsed by Charleston Newspaper for US Congress

Charleston Mercury Tells Voters to Send US Rep. Henry Brown, the “Workhorse” out to Pasture

Charleston, SC – The Charleston Mercury’s editorial board has endorsed U.S. Army Persian Gulf War Veteran and former 1st District Congressional Field Representative Katherine Jenerette for the Republican Nomination for the U.S. Congress, in her primary race against incumbent U.S. Rep Henry E. Brown, Jr. who has served four terms in Washington, D.C.

The Mercury, a bi-weekly publication, called Jenerette the candidate it believes is the most experienced and ready to represent the district.

“Of Brown’s two GOP opponents, Katherine Jenerette is the better experienced,” the Mercury’s editorial board said in their June 4th edition. “…having worked for Henry Brown as a field operative [Representative] and served in the U.S. Army.”

According to the Mercury, readers need to send Brown a message and advised them not to vote for him in the upcoming primary election on June 10th.

“We reference Congressman Brown’s own postcard in which it claims that he is: working to reform government.” The Mercury editorial said. “Nothing could be further from the truth; send the Republican “workhorse” out to pasture.”

The Mercury said Jenerette’s experiences as a college history professor and a married mother of four children will give her a unique perspective that ‘will serve her well’ if she represents the district in Washington.

“Mrs. Jenerette has a smile made for political talk shows,” the newspapers endorsement editorial added. “…and as a history professor, she is grounded in perspective that will serve her well.”

Jenerette is a graduate of USC Coastal Carolina University and holds a master’s degree from USC Columbia; a 1994 NCAA Big South All Conference Track and Field Honoree; she served as a Planning Commissioner for the City of North Myrtle Beach, represented North Myrtle Beach in the 2000 Mrs. South Carolina Pageant and is a U.S. Army Paratrooper and an Officer in the Army Reserve.

LINK to Charleston Mercury Editorial Endorsement Article:

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