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KATHERINE JENERETTE’S 75-Day Whirlwind Campaign for US CONGRESS & Congratulations to HENRY BROWN

June 12, 2008

SUBJECT: Republican Congressional Candidate Katherine Jenerette thanks All-Volunteer Campaign Team – Congratulates U.S. Rep. Henry Brown, Jr. and remarks on the November Election

DATE: June 10, 2008



I want to take this opportunity to congratulate U.S. Rep. Henry Brown, Jr. and offer my support to both him and to all the members of the Republican slate of candidates for the November 2008 general elections. With the primary election behind us it is time to ‘bury the hatchet’ and to come together in order to best serve our District and our State of South Carolina in anyway we each can as a party with an agenda for the future.

Two and a half months ago I was an Army Lieutenant at Ft Benning, Georgia, serving alongside some of the best young men and women this nation has to offer and upon returning home to South Carolina I changed back into civilian clothes and along with a great all-volunteer team of supporters from Charleston, Dorchester, Georgetown, Berkeley and Horry Counties I started my campaign for the U.S. Congress.

In a 75-day whirlwind congressional campaign these great team members worked tirelessly and pulled together thousands of voters throughout the district who recognized that times have changed and that a new vision for the future is needed for everything from national security, taxes, energy, the economy, education and illegal immigration. Their efforts were successful in getting out a clear message and we finished the primary election in a solid second place in a three-man race. I am indebted to them all for their hard work in our uphill fight against a four-term incumbent and to each of them individually for their dedication and loyalty to our conservative principles and objectives.

But for now, the real race will be in November’s elections. The battleground is the Presidency and the Congress. And, whether we like it or not, four hundred and thirty five elected representatives set the budget and policy agenda for this entire country. The reality of the unavoidable ‘Obama Factor’ on the voter turn-out cannot be underestimated and our focus must be on Republican results not divisiveness.

The Democrats have successfully painted themselves as the party with a vision for the future and a party with ideas while we Republican’s have had great difficulty in articulating our ‘old’ but principled ideas of limited government, less taxation, national interest, etc. let alone come up with new ideas to deal with our nations future.

These are trying times and Novembers’ election is going to prove itself a historical moment in our nations history. There should be no doubt in any ones mind either Democrat or Republican: This Election 2008 is a fight for the soul of our nation.

We must do a better job reaching a conservative public that has seemed to have lost faith in both politics and politicians with not much more than a status-quo agenda to offer the voters. Boring messages from boring messengers do not bring out the voters.

However, I do know Congressman Brown to be a dedicated and hard worker and I am certain that he recognizes that Washington is a far different place today than it was with a Republican majority in both Houses. The first fight for all of us then is to help Rep. Brown to defeat the challenge from the Democrats candidate for Congress Linda Ketner so he can take the next fight to Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi and somehow slow down her liberal agenda while aggressively carrying the ball for our conservative agenda.

This is no small task.

Anyway, I’ve been active in local, state and national politics since I was old enough to vote and I knew this primary election was going to be an uphill fight. I want everyone who supported me and voted for me to know that I am both humbled and proud of my grassroots organization and the team network that kept us on the playing field through the final minutes of play left on the clock. Thank you.

For me, it’s now time to move forward and look to the future; I’m still pretty young and I’m not planning on going anywhere. South Carolina is my home, my children go to school here, my family goes to church here and we have neighbors, friends and relatives here. And, like many other parents whose children are growing up way too fast, I’m trying to get my son who is in High School to pick a college here in Carolina to attend. Even after this election, the future looks real promising from where I’m standing.

Again, my sincere appreciation to my supporters and to those voters who went to the polls and cast their votes on election day even if they did not vote for me. Our elections are for all the people, which is why I still serve in uniform alongside so many others in the military – so we all could be free to vote our choices and our conscience.

Thank you all and God Bless!

Katherine Jenerette


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