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Legislature to Take Up Vetoes on June 25, 2008

June 13, 2008

Legislature to Take Up Vetoes on June 25, 2008

(Columbia, SC) – In a joint statement, House Speaker Bobby Harrell and President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell said, “The entire General Assembly worked tirelessly up until the final minutes of the regular session to finish its work on major legislative issues for the year. Both the House and Senate worked very hard to pass many key bills during our regular session and it was not our original intent to return. However, both bodies agreed to this measure because members felt they had to return if major economic development or job creating bills were vetoed and to ensure that the work of the people of South Carolina was completed before we adjourned for the year.

“Considering that South Carolina has the third worst unemployment rate in the nation, it would be a disservice to our state and our citizens if we allowed these economic development and job creating bills sit in limbo until January. Instead of waiting, and to discourage companies from taking their jobs to another state, we will return to finish the work we started and address these issues as quickly as possible.

“We asked members to inform us of dates they would be available to take these issues up and finish the people’s work. And after hearing from members of the House and Senate, it was clear that the most available dates for the legislature to reconvene for this sine die session are the dates of June 25th-27th.”

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