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Carolina Day Holiday Resolution

June 16, 2008
Carolina Day Holiday Resolution 
South Carolina Libertarian Party Executive Committee Resolution 

WHEREAS the State of South Carolina has an extensive and honorable
history of acts of bravery in defense of personal liberty; and   

WHEREAS such history tends to be forgotten and is no longer passed on to
new generations as vigorously as in the past; and   

WHEREAS on June 28, 1776, South Carolina military forces triumphed over
both the Royal Navy and the British Army at the Battle of Sullivan's
Island, an event noted to this day in our state seal and on our state
flag; and 

WHEREAS the celebration of this historic victory for personal liberty
and freedom from tyranny should be celebrated by all citizens of the
Palmetto State; therefore be it 

RESOLVED that the South Carolina Libertarian Party calls on the Governor
and the Legislature of the State of South Carolina to declare June 28 to
be henceforth a state holiday, to be known statewide as Carolina Day. 

for more on Carolina Day/Battle of Sullivan's Island see: The South
Carolina Historical Society 
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  1. west_rhino permalink
    June 16, 2008 11:16 am

    Whereas Carolina Day used to be a bigger holiday in state than Independance Day, why not! (Though the muddling of holidays with leave policies enforced by carpetbaggers and the continuing enforcement of the depradations of reconstruction, may proffer state employees the opprotunity to use the “optional” holiday to celebrate, though it forces a further choice between MLK, Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Shauvot, Kwanza, Confederate Memorial Day, Eid and the celebration of David Beasely’s leading Clemson to the CWS crown on a pick two or three basis is an excessive decision).

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