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SCGOP’s Katon Dawson becomes first State Chairman to endorse campaign to “Drill Here. Drill Now.”

July 9, 2008


WEDNESDAY JULY 9, 2008                                   (803) 988-8440

SCGOP’s Katon Dawson becomes first State Chairman to endorse campaign to “Drill Here. Drill Now.”

COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson today became the first State Republican Party Chairman in the country to endorse the  “Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.” campaign to find real solutions to America’s energy crisis and lower gas prices by expanding domestic energy exploration.

“We can shore up our country’s energy security, economic security and national security by breaking our country’s addiction to foreign oil,” said Dawson.  “The first step to breaking our addiction is to expand domestic energy exploration.  If we take the bold step to cultivate energy resources here at home, we will not only break our dependence on foreign oil, we will also bring meaningful relief to hardworking families who are experiencing unprecedented pain at the pump as gas prices continue to skyrocket.”

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint has also endorsed the campaign.  A list of endorsements is available here:

American Solutions for Winning the Future launched “Drill Here.  Drill Now.  Pay Less.” earlier this year.  American Solutions is a non-partisan organization chaired by former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich.


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