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John Langville announces for Senate District 7

July 10, 2008

John Langville, a resident of Mauldin since 1999, has announced his candidacy for State Senate, District 07 running on the South Carolina Constitution Party ticket.

Mr. Langville was born in Baltimore and raised in Anne Arundel County, MD, where he met his wife, Kristine, of 22 years. They are members of Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church.

John has a background in computer programming and is a Certified Auto Technician, holding 7 out of 8 certifications required to be qualified as a Master Technician. Mr. Langville is currently employed by a national auto parts and repair chain.

John Langville’s objectives in his own words

I am running for State Senate District 07 in order to aid Greenville County in reducing taxes by cutting pork-barrel spending. I will also help to protect private property owners from the misuse of eminent domain. Lack of immigration enforcement is another serious issue I plan to address.

Property taxes are out of control. According to my tax bills, 55% of property and vehicle taxes help to fund public schools and recently we’ve learned that the SC Education Dept is overstepping their authority to raise taxes. According to a pamphlet released by South Carolinians for Responsible Government, the school budget allots over $9,000 per student, yet the majority of this money never makes it to the classroom. The state education budget which is outlined in the House Ways and Means Committee, shows that a great deal of this money goes to needlessly high bureaucratic salaries and outrageous building costs. No wonder South Carolina has the lowest rate of graduating seniors in the United States!

Through the misuse of eminent domain, families have lost homes that they have lived in for many years for a someday-to-be-built runway at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport. The director of the airport previously admitted that some of the land might in fact be used as a private industrial park.

Two years ago through the misuse of eminent domain we saw three properties seized by Greenville City to build housing and create access ways. In these cases the city was found to have had criminal intent and was ordered to pay over $5,000,000.

Just recently an elderly couple was being forced to leave their home so that a school recreation field could be expanded.

These are instances of corporations benefiting from the stolen wealth of private individuals and I want to put a stop to this corruption.

Illegal immigration is a very serious problem and is out of control. Those who come to this country illegally do not have any Constitutional rights and are not entitled to any privileges or taxpayer-funded benefits such as free health care or welfare. If foreigners want to have a better life for themselves in our country, they need to cross the border lawfully.

In Columbia I will encourage and cultivate legislation to protect private citizens from out-of-control and rapidly growing abuses of eminent domain and pork-barrel spending and mandate that state officials uphold current immigration laws.

I want to return to the people their voice in government. The Democrats and the Republicans would have you believe there is only a two-party system of politics. This is not true. You have another choice. The Constitution Party wants to return Constitutional law and government at state and federal levels.

Please see my website and feel free to use the contact form provided if you have questions or concerns.

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