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Congressman Barrett Speaks on Constituents’ Energy Comments, Concerns

July 18, 2008

Congressman Barrett Speaks on Constituents’ Energy Comments, Concerns

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Gresham Barrett delivered the following speech today on the House Floor reporting responses from an energy survey mailed to constituents this month asking for their comments on the current energy crisis.

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“Mr. Speaker –

“I’ve been on the House floor asking the Majority Party if they’ve been hearing from the citizens about their financial struggles with high gas prices, because I have.

“This month, I mailed a survey to families in my District asking for their comments about the energy crisis. I wanted to hear from them about their opinions, and their ideas of what we, as Members of Congress, should be doing to ease high gas prices.

“The response to the survey I sent to citizens has been tremendous, and their additional comments have been even more eye opening, such as:

“ ‘Find alternatives to oil. Move the country beyond that.’

“ ‘We need to support conservative changes in lifestyle. Waste less. We have to change.’

“ ‘Develop new technologies to get us off oil.’

“ ‘Drill now. Drill everywhere.’

“ ‘Encourage automakers to produce vehicles not powered by gasoline.’

“Yeah, they’re right. We need to do it all, and we need to do it now.

“Is the majority party not hearing what I’m hearing? Worse, if they are, are they not choosing to help these people and bring energy legislation to the floor?

“Mr. Speaker, we need energy legislation on the floor and we need it now.”


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