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Press Release: Anderson, SC- Marshall Meadors

July 22, 2008

Media Alert and Press Release

July 22, 2008

Anderson, SC- Marshall Meadors, candidate for State Senate District 3 issued the following statement regarding Kevin Bryant’s recent blog post; “On Friday, July 18, my opponent, Kevin Bryant, posted a tasteless, inappropriate picture on his blog depicting Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama as being separated only by a little BS. The posting has been picked up by national news services and blogs and is now being sent around the world on the internet.”

“Not only is this offensive to all Americans and shows extreme insensitivity regarding the old racial and cultural stereotypes we have been struggling to change, but it also brings ridicule to South Carolina and the people of Anderson County. It is the same kind of poor judgment we have seen over the last four years and shows Mr. Bryant’s complete lack of understanding of the issues that are of real importance to the people of Anderson County and South Carolina: education, health care, economic development and the environment.”

Meadors continued, “This lack of good judgment and the atmosphere it creates are reasons I am running for the State Senate. My opponent’s actions show a kind of political arrogance that has created an atmosphere where politics takes precedence over policy. This preoccupation with political advantage at the expense of substantive dialogue on the issues illustrates why we are making such slow progress with the improvement of our public schools, the provision of health care, the creation of new jobs and the protection of our natural resources. It is conduct unbefitting any elected official, particularly a member of the South Carolina Senate.”

He continued, “When elected, I will spend my time in the Senate seeking to earn the trust of Andersonians and South Carolinians by working to improve our State and create opportunities for our families. I am determined to see improvement in our public schools; provide access to our health care for approximately 700,000 uninsured or under insured individuals in our state; bring new and higher paying jobs to Anderson and South Carolina, and put policies in place to protect our natural resources and environment. It is time for a change and a new direction in Columbia.”

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