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Graham Votes against Cloture on Motion to Proceed to the Tomnibus

July 29, 2008

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                              Contact:           Wes Hickman or Kevin Bishop

July 28, 2008                                                                                       (202) 224-5972 / (864) 250-1417


WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) issued this statement after his vote against cloture on the motion to proceed to consideration of what is being called the Tomnibus, a $10 billion collection of measures blocked by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK). Graham has expressed support for his colleague Senator Coburn.

Graham said:

“Senator Coburn’s approach to his job is part of the solution while Majority Leader Reid’s approach to Tom Coburn is the problem.

“Senator Coburn, on behalf of the American taxpayer, wants to closely scrutinize legislation that could dramatically increase the size of the government.  This approach to legislating is welcome news to the American people and I strongly support Senator Coburn in this effort.  He is more than justified in his looking into the proposed spending increases, particularly whether or not it is appropriate for the federal government to be involved in the subject matter.  His approach can be defined this way — look more, spend less.

“The Republican Party was fired in 2006 by the American people because we did not take good care of the taxpayer’s dollar.  I hope that by supporting the efforts of Senators like Tom Coburn and John McCain — who have insisted on a new process when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars — we can again become the party of fiscal responsibility and return to the good graces of the American people.”


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