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Americans Deserve To Have Their Voices Heard on Energy

July 30, 2008


July 30, 2008

CONTACT:    Ryan Murphy

(202) 225-2452 (Office)

(202) 689-4825 (Cell)

WASHINGTON – Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) issued the following statement after House Democrats voted 213-212 in favor of beginning their five week vacation after failing to bring to a vote legislation that will lower gas prices and break our dependence on foreign oil.  Not one House Republican supported the motion to adjourn.

“It is astonishing to think that this Democrat Congress believes it is entitled to a five-week vacation having denied a vote on comprehensive energy legislation while millions of American families struggle with rising energy prices,” said Rep. Wilson.  “The American people deserve better.  They deserve an up or down vote on legislation that will create more American-made energy, invest in renewable resources, and promote conservation.  They deserve to have their voices heard.”

“Real leadership means you address the issues that demand immediate attention not cut-and-run from responsibility.  Having refused to allow votes on bipartisan, comprehensive energy legislation and having voted to go home rather than do their job, this Democrat Congress has failed the American people.”


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