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HuckPAC: Barack Obama’s Agenda

August 1, 2008

Huck PAC 

Someone asked me recently to describe Barack Obama’s Agenda. The question caught me off guard, because if you think about it, he’s been running as the “change candidate” and yet no one I know understands what change he is aiming for. His Agenda remains shrouded in mystery. For instance, gasoline prices are at historic highs and yet he hasn’t articulated a plan of action to help American families.

What we do know about Barack Obama’s agenda, is that he favors higher taxes, supports abortion, believes the federal government should be bigger and has embraced a foreign policy that would make Jane Fonda proud. We also know he was rated by National Journal as the most liberal Senator because of his voting record. According to their ranking, even Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s Socialist Senator, isn’t as liberal as Barack Obama. No kidding.

So if the thought of President Obama working with a Democrat Senate and House makes you nervous, I urge you to take action now to keep this from becoming a reality in November. I urge you to make an immediate contribution of $10 or more to Huck PAC today.

We are supporting a great group of candidates committed to fighting for our ideals. Each of them needs your help. Huck PAC needs your help. Our goal is to identify 2,000 supporters who are willing to show their commitment to our cause by making an online contribution by August 21. May I count you as one of our key supporters?

If you can afford to do so today please show your support by making a contribution of $10 or more.

Fighting for our values,


Mike Huckabee

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