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Press Release: Massey to follow Nikki Haley’s Lead in calling for Roll Call Votes On Spending Bills

August 12, 2008

Office of Senator Shane Massey

For Immediate Release

August 12, 2008

Senator Shane Massey (803) 212-6000
Douglas Ford (803) 212-6295

Will Ask for Roll Call Votes Until Commonsense Plan Passes Senate

Columbia, SC- State Senator Shane Massey (R-Edgefield) today announced
that he will ask for a roll call vote on all significant spending bills
until a commonsense accountability plan passes the State Senate.  The SC
Policy Council recently released a study showing that only 1% of bills
passed by the Senate received a roll call vote. That means South
Carolina legislators are voting for outrageous spending projects in
secret without accountability to the taxpayers.

Senator Massey released the following statement:

“Last year I introduced the Appropriations Bill Earmark Disclosure
Act, a bill that will bring greater transparency to the budgeting
process by requiring legislators to put their names on requests for
funds going to local projects. Unfortunately the bill died because too
many big spending politicians want to fund their pet projects in secret.

I support Senator Glenn McConnell’s effort to push a commonsense
conservative plan through the General Assembly.  The people of South
Carolina should be able to hold legislators accountable for the
decisions they make at the State House, and roll call votes bring
instant accountability. To bring more transparency to state government,
I will ask for a roll call vote in the South Carolina Senate on any bill
that requires a significant expenditure of state funds.

South Carolina faces extraordinary challenges in education, healthcare,
and energy.  We will never be able to solve those problems if state
government keeps wasting taxpayer dollars.  I was elected on a
commitment that I would do whatever I could to shake things up in
Columbia and tackle the tough problems facing our state. I intend to
make good on that commitment even if it means ruffling a few feathers
along the way.”

Senator Glenn McConnell (R-Charleston) is working with members of the
SC House of Representatives on a plan requiring a roll call vote on
legislation with an economic impact. Senator Massey promises to push the
plan during the 2009 session and will fill the gap until the plan passes
by calling for a roll call vote on all significant spending bills.

Any member of the Senate may request a roll call vote on a bill or
amendment being debated. Five members must agree to a roll call vote as
stated in Rule 16 of the Rules of the Senate of South Carolina.  If no
such request is made, then the vote is determined by a voice vote of the
group as a whole.


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