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Wilson Begins ‘Tour for the Status Quo’

August 18, 2008

News Release – For Immediate Release

Contact: Lachlan McIntosh (843) 452-3726

Today, incumbent Congressman Joe Wilson began his election-year bus tour for the status quo. Wilson, who has proudly voted with the Bush administration over 95% of the time, is trying to convince voters that the country is on the right track and simply needs more of the same policies and ideas.

Despite his unwavering support for the failed unfunded federal mandate “No Child Left Behind”, Wilson visited a public school in Columbia this morning.

Today, Wilson’s Democratic challenger Rob Miller made the following statement about the first day of Wilson’s tour for the status quo and “No Child Left Behind”:

“We need change in Washington, not more of the same. Congressman Wilson’s bus tour is all about championing the way Washington does business. Congressman Wilson’s support for ‘No Child Left Behind’ is just wrong. It’s an unfunded federal mandate that forces teachers to teach for the test instead of truly educating our children.  It’s about time Washington stop telling local communities how to educate our children.

As an Iraq War veteran, a small business owner, husband and father, I believe that I can help bring the new ideas and new solutions we need in Washington.”


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  1. west_rhino permalink
    August 19, 2008 3:07 pm

    Well there goes Lachlan again… missing the fact that “the foxes guarding the henouse” have been responsible for sabotaging “No child left behind” to the maximum extent possible, dodging the culpability for failing our students.

    One observes that the real status quo revolves about the question of “how you define what ‘it’ is” and an obdurate disdain for reality.

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