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Letter from Senator Jim DeMint

August 27, 2008


Dear Friend:

I decided to join a few other conservatives in Denver at the Democratic National Convention this week to offer a common sense conservative response to the liberal attacks and misinformation that have already been commonplace in their first few days of events.

It’s ironic that the weather out here has been almost as crazy as some of their speeches. In fact, yesterday morning there were sightings of tornadoes and massive lightning storms. But don’t think for a minute that the severe weather stopped some of the angry, ultra-liberal Democrats from spewing their venomous attacks.

In their world, conservatives are to blame for everything. They say Republicans are wrong about energy, wrong about our dependence on foreign oil and wrong about the high price of gas. Well, I guess both parties deserve their fair share of blame for the current energy crisis we are in now, but the truth is that conservative Republicans are the only ones currently offering any realistic solutions to it. Meanwhile, Democrats refuse to even consider offshore drilling as a way to reclaim our energy freedom. They even celebrate high gas prices. Well, they’re just plain wrong.

In fact, yesterday, I went toe-to-toe with Nancy Pelosi in dueling press conferences on the current energy crisis. She was trying to put a fresh spin on the same “talk big, do nothing” rhetoric that Democrats and their extreme environmentalist cronies have been spouting for years. She’d like to whitewash the fact that her home state of California consumes more gas than any other state in the country and yet she continues to stand in the way of lower gas prices for all Americans. Well maybe her rich, liberal constituents in San Francisco are happy with that kind of inaction, but I can promise you folks in South Carolina are not, and we’re not going to stand for it.

And have you seen some of these protesters on TV? They wear black masks, chant “Down with America!” and do their best to intimidate everyone. They argue for more rights for terrorists and less energy alternatives for you and me. They could care less about the high price of gas because most of them like anarchy. It is a pretty frightening sight.

But conservatives are convinced that we need to move forward with an effective overall energy policy. And after traveling and talking with folks all over South Carolina this month, I can tell you that a large number of American families agree. We need to drill here and drill now so that we can pay less at the pump and reclaim our energy freedom.

If you would like to get involved in this issue please visit my new website at and sign our petition to let Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid know it is time to act now.

It would also be a great help to me if you would consider a small donation to my reelection campaign.

The national Democrat power brokers here in Denver have taken notice that I am here and that I am speaking out. They have already indicated that I will have a target on my back when I face reelection. But I am determined to speak up for the truth, despite their threats and intimidation.

I hope you will consider visiting my campaign website today by clicking here ( and donating. No gift is too small and every penny is appreciated.

I am honored to have the opportunity to champion the conservative values that you and I care about so deeply…especially from the center of the Democrat’s Denver spin machine. Thank you for your friendship and your kind consideration.


Jim DeMint

PS – Just last night I read this quote from the #3 ranking Democrat in the US House, Jim Clyburn who said, “”The fact of the matter is the South Carolina Democratic Party did not show any interest in mounting any kind of a campaign against Lindsey Graham,” Clyburn said. U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, a Republican, may not be so lucky. “We will pay attention to the United States Senate two years from now.”  Please help me build my campaign resources now to blunt any effort they might throw at us.  Please consider donating to my campaign today.  Thank you.

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