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SCGOP’s Dawson: McCain’s experience, substance solidifies debate victory

September 26, 2008


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2008    (803) 988-8440

Obama long on rhetoric, short on substance

COLUMBIA, SC – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson tonight released the following statement following the presidential debate:

“Tonight, Barack Obama faced tough questions about real issues – without teleprompters or Washington handlers – and Americans saw the real Barack Obama.  It  was Barack Obama’s smooth talk versus John McCain’s straight talk.  Barack Obama spent the evening talking without saying anything.

“From economic security to national security, John McCain won tonight’s debate about the important issues facing our country.  Buoyed by experience but tempered by America’s economic crisis, John McCain was forthright and decisive as he told voters that he has a plan to stabilize financial markets, restore fiscal sanity to our government’s budget and cut taxes on hardworking families.

“John McCain also laid out a plan to defeat radical Islamic terrorists and provide for our safety and security.    In the end, we saw Barack Obama as an ambitious politician who will say whatever it takes to be elected president  and John McCain as a leader who will always put his country first..”


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