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SCGOP: The tactics the Democrats are taking this election are troubling

October 16, 2008

Dear Fellow Republican,

We’ve got less than twenty days to make a real difference in the direction of our country. Polls show the race for President is neck-in-neck and that means our state races will be closer than ever too. We need your immediate help to make sure our conservative candidates running for office have the resources to get their messages out to voters across the state and to overcome the Democrat hype.

The tactics the Democrats are taking this election are troubling.

When groups like ACORN registered voters recently, Mickey Mouse was one of them. And Milwaukee election officials are investigating ACORN for registering people to vote who are still in prison. ACORN has endorsed Barack Obama because he represented the organization and taught classes for ACORN leaders.

These desperate tactics are being taken to support the most liberal Democrat ticket in history. Barack Obama has a troubling past with close ties to ’60s leftist radicals like unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, convicted criminal Tony Rezko and questionable judgment on issues. He has voted to deny medical attention to babies who survive abortions and voted to cut funds to our armed forces. His running mate Joe Biden has said paying higher taxes is our “patriotic” duty.

On the other hand, our own Presidential ticket has a history of reform.

John McCain is a man of principle who supports a balanced budget, lower taxes and energy independence. His Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin has proven she can shake things up and offer reform in her own way. I know you’ve heard about her selling the Alaska State Plane on eBay and that’s just the beginning of the cost-saving measures she implemented in her home state!

Here in South Carolina, Republican Congressmen are in tough fights too. We’ve got targeted State House and Senate seats that also need an extra push over the finish line.

To have the resources necessary to put issue mail pieces in the mailboxes of voters across the state, volunteer phone calls to undecided voters, supply volunteers with slate cards, purchase bumper stickers and yard signs so we can all show our support, we must raise an additional $250,000 before the end of October.

That’s why I’m asking you to make a secure online campaign contribution of $1,000, $500, $100, $50, or $25 to SC Victory 2008 today. Your generous donation could mean the difference in winning an extra seat for Republicans or losing one that we’ve held for years.

Please donate RIGHT NOW to help SC Victory 2008 keep up our proud history of electing Republicans up and down the ticket.

Best Wishes,

Katon Dawson

P.S. Liberal special interests are propping up the South Carolina Democrat Party and their candidates. A majority of the money their Party and candidates are spending here is raised outside of South Carolina. I don’t want Hollywood liberals and Democrat DC insiders impacting our elections here in South Carolina and I don’t think you do either. Can we count on you to make an online campaign contribution to SC Victory 2008 today?

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  1. jaded permalink
    October 17, 2008 6:40 am

    Sorry, Katon…. Acorn isn’t doing anything in South Carolina. But, of course, you already know they’re not working in our state.

  2. October 17, 2008 10:23 am

    Thanks to Comrade General Secretary Bush and his American Duma in Washington, over US$700 Billion of our money have been stolen and redistributed to wealthy Wall Street executives. Every member of the SC delegation to congress voted yes on this measure that has done us absolutely no good. We have a health care crisis, but congressional health care plans are impeccable, therefore there is no urgency to fix it. We have a retirement gap and a failing Social Security system, but congressional pensions are solid, so there is no urgency to fix it. Wall Street fails, and Congressmen and women stand to lose a lot of money, so it all of the sudden becomes urgent to steal our money and give it to themselves. VOTE THE BUMS OUT. Join me in firing the SC Congressional delegation and hiring people who will actually represent us!

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