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Palmetto Family PAC Director calls attacks on Massey “a horrible distortion”

October 20, 2008

Contact: Oran Smith | (803) 733-5600

Palmetto Family PAC Director calls attacks on Massey “a horrible distortion”

Oran Smith, Executive Director of the Palmetto Family PAC, released the following statement about Greg Anderson’s new attack ad on Senator Shane Massey:

“An overwhelming majority of South Carolina voters are alarmed about special interest groups working to purge religion and values from every forum of public life. Fortunately, we have steady leadership from champions like State Senator Shane Massey who make it their top priority to protect the values we all share.

Recently Shane has been under attack by folks who seem willing to say nearly anything to remove him from the State Senate. As an eyewitness to what actually occurred, I am writing to ask readers of this newspaper not to fall for these vicious and dishonest attacks.

You may have heard about “the Ten Commandments Bill” (actually the Historical Documents Act), a new law advising local governments how to Constitutionally display the foundational documents of American history and law in public.

Liberals are trying to say that when the bill came up in the Senate, Shane Massey voted “against the Lord’s Prayer.”

This is a horrible distortion.

Here is what actually happened.

An ACLU-friendly legislator inserted what is known as a “poison pill” into the Ten Commandment Bill. Seeing that, the top pro-family legal organization in the country, The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), advised Shane to vote against the poison pill.

And that is exactly what he did.

On the “Ten Commandments Bill,” Shane Massey followed the advice of ADF, Palmetto Family Alliance (a SC affiliate of Focus on the Family Action), and the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

You see, South Carolina’s legislation needed to look exactly like a solid Georgia law that had not been challenged in court. That was so liberal legislators and special interest groups could not sue, stop the law, and keep the Ten Commandments out of government buildings.

Here is the hypocrisy: the liberals now accusing Shane of voting against the Lord’s Prayer are the same exact liberals who were trying to defeat the Ten Commandments bill!

This is just another dishonest attempt to discredit Shane Massey and proof positive that his opponents and their Columbia consultants will say anything to get him out of the State Senate. Shane Massey is a roadblock to their secularist agenda and they want him gone.

Here is the truth: Shane is a solid conservative and a great legal mind. The people of Aiken, Edgefield, McCormick and Saluda, as well as South Carolina’s faith community, are fortunate to have him representing them.”

Click here for a video response from Oran Smith.

Oran P. Smith is Executive Director of Palmetto Family PAC, an organization working to defend and strengthen South Carolina families.


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