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Katon Dawson Calls on Party Faithful to Deliver

October 31, 2008

Dear Republican friend,

It’s Halloween, and I’ve spent a little time thinking of what’s scary, and no, it’s not the little ghosts and goblins who will be knocking on our doors looking for candy tonight.

It’s something even scarier.

The scariest thing facing us this October is the possibility of the “Gang of Three” having control of our government! Can you imagine Congressional Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pulling President Barack Obama’s strings in Washington? That would be disastrous for our country and truly scary for our way of life.

But with just a few short days ’til Election Day, it’s not too late for you to make a difference in this election and help us stop the Gang of Three from ever becoming a reality.

Here are a few ways to help:

  1. Donate. Whatever amount you can give to support the critical get-out-the-vote efforts of SC Victory 2008 might make the difference between winning that State Senate seat for the GOP or losing it to motivated Democrats.
  2. Volunteer. There are phone calls to make, signs to put out, doors to knock on, signs to wave and events to attend.
  3. Send this message to 5 friends and neighbors. The more folks we can get involved, the better off we’ll be on Election Day.

The alternatives to getting involved are truly “scary.” We need your help today!


Katon Dawson
South Carolina Republican Party

© 2008 Paid for by South Carolina Republican Party
P.O. Box 12373 | Columbia, SC 29211 | (803) 988-8440

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