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S.C. Senate Passes Roll Call Voting Plan

January 13, 2009


Contact: Wesley Donehue
843.460.7990 |

Full press release to follow. In the meantime, here is the new roll call plan passed by the State Senate today.

A roll call vote is now required on:
• All contested bills
• All uncontested bills with a fiscal impact over $10,000
• All bills or resolutions authorizing the expenditure of funds
• All bills or resolutions that contain provisions that would create a fee or tax, raise the amount of an existing fee or tax, or reduce an existing fee or tax
• The state budget
• All bills or resolutions that impact the pay, benefits or retirement of members of the General Assembly, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch or the provisions of the Ethics Act or the Campaign Finance Act.
• Amendments to the South Carolina Constitution
• Any state or congressional reapportionment plan
• Conference and free conference reports
• Any vote to override the Governor’s veto
• Any amended bill returned by the State House
The requirement for a roll call vote was also lowered from a request by five Senators down to three Senators. However, any one Senator can demand a roll call by placing it on the contested calendar.

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