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Fowler: DeMint and Sanford Don’t Speak for Us

February 5, 2009

For Immediate Release

February 5, 2009

Press Contact: Keiana Page (803) 799-7798

Fowler: DeMint and Sanford Don’t Speak for Us

Columbia, SC- South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler released the following statement today in response to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint’s attempts to discourage Republican senators from supporting President Barack Obama’s economic-stimulus bill.

“Mark Sanford and Jim DeMint have gone too far in their belligerent opposition to the president’s economic recovery plan. They appear not to understand that every day more and more South Carolinians are losing their jobs. The president’s plan will bring jobs—good, private-sector jobs doing essential work—to our state. If Sanford and DeMint get their way, money that would have gone toward paychecks for South Carolinians and profits for South Carolina businesses will be sent to other states instead.

“Yesterday’s address to the U.S. Senate Republican Caucus by our governor was nothing more than his attempt to play national politics. Our state is suffering while Mark Sanford tries to make a name for himself as a presidential prospect. However, he fails to realize that if he can’t lead his state during an economic crisis, he definitely isn’t capable of leading our country,” said Fowler.

“As for Jim DeMint, he has long been out of touch with his South Carolina constituents. But he needs to come back to reality and realize that our state has the third-highest unemployment rate in the country. Our state budget has been cut to the bone and our public schools and colleges, which were already underfunded, are reeling. His solution to everything is to deregulate businesses and cut taxes on the rich, but right now South Carolina badly needs our share of funds from the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act. And we need leaders who will support this bill.”

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  1. ERMcLellan permalink
    February 6, 2009 5:24 am

    It is an encouragement to all who read the above article to connect to Governor Sanford’s website and to see his version of his views.Also,go to Senator DeMint’s website and see his version of his views.Both men are of high integrity and have been on numerous national cable shows expressing their concern for the job losses in SC.Both men are have job plans that will effectively lead our country in the right direction.They do not want to lead us into more debt.Both men have valid plans but you need to visit their websites.You can also look at Senator DeMint’s record on,spend some time watching C-Span live or visit their website.You can see actual coverage of Senator DeMint on the floor of the Senate.It is important to not look at the politically biased article above and to look at these men’s records for yourself.Thank you.


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