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Debate delayed on bill to give women

February 11, 2009

Holly Gatling, Executive Director

Debate delayed on bill to give women
24-hours to think about abortion decision

COLUMBIA, S.C. (February 11, 2009) Members of the S.C. House debated payday lending regulation legislation for five hours Wednesday and adjourned without taking up the bill to give women contemplating abortion a 24-hour waiting period to think through her decision. It will be next week before the bill is debated, according to Rep. Greg Delleney, R-Chester, the primary sponsor. The bill has 34 co-sponsors.

As I watched the payday lending debate, hoping it would end in time for the waiting period bill to be taken up, I was struck by the passion with which some lawmakers support regulation of the payday lending industry, informed consent for often financially desperate customers of payday lending businesses, and even waiting periods, called “cooling off” periods before a cash-strapped customer could acquire another high-interest loan.

I hope to see that same passion next week in favor of our pro-life legislation that protects a woman’s dignity, health, and right to choose life for her child waiting to be born.

For those of you who have contacted your State Representative and forwarded his or her remarks to me, I greatly appreciate your efforts. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

If you have not yet contacted your State Representative, please do so over the weekend.

If you do not know who represents you, there is a very easy way to find out.

Go to and on the left side of the page you will see Legislative Resources. Under Legislative Resources you will see Find Your Legislator.

Click on Find Your Legislator and follow the instructions.

If you are like I am, you probably don’t know the four digit extension of your home address. No problem. The webpage links you with the U.S. Post Office webpage that will give you the information.

After you enter your zip+4 in the State House webpage and your information will pop up and will include your U.S. Congressman (Federal), your State Senator, and your State House Representative.

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  1. February 17, 2009 11:37 am

    As much as I dislike legislation designed to limit freedoms, this is one area where it’s probably important to make sure that an individual has enough time to think through their decision. This can prevent her from being pressured into making a choice she may later regret.


  1. Haire of the Dog | Charleston City Paper » Debate on 24-hr waiting period abortion bill delayed

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