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March 3, 2009

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COLUMBIA, SC – Standing with supporters beside the George Washington statue on the Statehouse steps today, Bill Connor announced his candidacy for South Carolina Lieutenant Governor.

“Serving as a Lt. Col. in Afghanistan, I saw America’s strength in the men and women I served with in combat,” Connor said. “They were brought up in a system that rewards hard work and ingenuity.”

“When I returned home, I was shocked to find that my country had started to abandon those principles we went overseas to protect. I’m running for Lt. Gov. to work to bring back those traditional values that our Founding Fathers wrote into our Declaration of Independence. I’m running to help South Carolina be the ‘Shining City on a Hill’ that Ronald Reagan once proclaimed America could be.”

In his announcement, Connor laid out the four areas he will focus his efforts as Lt. Gov.

“In my role presiding over the Senate, I will continue the work of my predecessor in ruling tax increases out of order. I will also work with Senate leaders to protect the sanctity of life and marriage. In my role as head of the Office on Aging, I will work to protect seniors and repay the debt we owe them.”

“I will also work under the next Governor to be an economic development ambassador for South Carolina. I will work to fix South Carolina’s unemployment problem by promoting new markets for South Carolina products, attracting new tourists for our destinations, and bringing new companies in to what we need to build as a business-friendly state.”

Bill Connor is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves who received the Bronze Star for his service in Afghanistan. Since returning from deployment, Bill continued his work as an attorney practicing corporate defense law with Grantland & Murphy in Columbia. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of the Orangeburg Christian Academy. Bill lives in Orangeburg with Susan, his wife of 17 years, and their three children Peyton, Brenna, and Will. They attend Christ Church of the Carolinas in Columbia.

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