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Karen Floyd for SC GOP Chair | Karen adds 34 more names to Statewide Steering Committee

March 6, 2009

Dear Jeffrey,

The Floyd campaign proudly announces the addition of the following members to the Statewide Steering Committee:

Ed Rumsy
Oconee; Former Chairman

O’Neal Mintz
Spartanburg; County Councilman

Richard Yow
Chesterfield; Longtime Activist

Cecil Windham
Clarendon; State Committeeman

Walter McSherry
Spartanburg; Longtime Activist

Karen Walto
York; State Committeeman

General Edward Hall
Spartanburg; Longtime Activist

Jerry Strawbridge
Saluda; Chairman

Elmer Rumminger
Greenville; Longtime Activist

Gail O’Kane
Beaufort; Former Hilton Head Island Republican Club President

William O’Dell
Spartanburg; Precinct Executive Committeeman

Robert Miller
Charleston; Longtime Activist

Frank Maurer
Edgefield; State Committeeman

Eddie King
Anderson; Longtime Activist

Drew Johnson
Chester; Longtime Activist/ 2008 National Convention Delegate

Linda Butler Johnson
Charleston; Former Federation of Republican Women President

Cathy Herron
York; Former County Republican Women’s Club President

Bill Roe
Beaufort; Former Chairman

Gerald Emory
Spartanburg; First Monday Club President

Brenda Earls
Cherokee; Chairman

Brenda Schoolfield
Greenville; Longtime Activist

Mike Dixon
Spartanburg; Former 4th Congressional District Chairman

Joseph Defeo
Horry; Longtime Activist

Thomas Cathcart
Fairfield; Former Chairman

Bert Campbell
Pickens; Former Chairman

Carl Brunson
Allendale; Executive Committeeman

Jerry Guest
Spartanburg; Longtime Activist

Phillip Bowers
Pickens; Chairman

Dee Benedict
Greenville; Longtime Activist

Steven Blanton
Cherokee; State Committeeman

David Allen
Aiken; Longtime Activist

Patty Whetsell
Greenville; Longtime Activist

Doug Smith
Spartanburg; Former Speaker Pro Tempore

Ruth Sherlock
Greenville; Longtime Activist

Admiral William Schachte
Charleston; Longtime Activist

The Floyd Campaign proudly announced the following members of her Statewide Steering Committee last week:

Eddie Adams
Oconee; Chairman

Edie Rodgers
Beaufort; Longtime Activist

Mark Hartley
Charleston; Former Chairman

Charm Altman
Charleston; Former State Republican Women President

Lin Bennett
Charleston; Chairman

Becky Delleney
Chester; State Committeeman

Thomas Baker
Greenville; State Party 3rd Vice Chairman

Marlene Dowd
Greenville; Longtime Activist

Dan Herren
Greenville; Longtime Activist

Mark Kelley
Horry; Longtime Activist

Danny Faulkner
Lancaster; State Committeeman

Samuel Cerezo
Lee; Chairman/Former State Party 2nd Vice Chairman

Wilma Kelley
Lee; State Committeeman

Sam McConnell
Charleston; Longtime Activist

Scott Malyerck
Lexington; Chairman

Jean Bedenbaugh
Newberry; State Committeeman

Roy Lindsey
Orangeburg; State Committeeman

March Maguire
Pickens; Longtime Activist

Jason Edens
Richland; State Committeeman

Nettie Britts
Lexington/Richland; Youth Activist

Joe Edens
Richland; Longtime Activist

India Hazzard
Richland; Longtime Activist

George Graham
Spartanburg; Former State Chairman

Anna Jenkins
Spartanburg; County Activist/Former White House Staff

Norm Pulliam
Spartanburg; Former State Chairman

Marlene Saad
Spartanburg; Former State Vice Chairman

Doug Robertson
Beaufort; State Party Treasurer

Eaddy Roe Willard
Richland; State Party Secretary

Chester Palmer
Orangeburg; Longtime Republican Activist

Wes Jones
Beaufort; County Activist

Rosemary Byerly
Spartanburg; Former Chairman

Nikki Hutchinson
Lexington; County Activist

Annette Burnette
Barnwell; State Committeeman

Mary Pearson
Dorchester; Longtime Activist

Diane Giddings
Aiken; State Committeeman

Karen Floyd first announced her Statewide Campaign Co-Chairs. They are as follows:

Barry Wynn- Former State Party Chairman
Glenn McCall- Current National Committeeman, State Second Vice Chairman and York County Party Chairman
Martha Edens- Founding Party Member and Former National Committeewoman
Alexia Newman- Current First Vice Chairman of State Party

These activist leaders will be working to inform and recruit other activists from around the state in the coming weeks and months.

Karen is the “activist candidate” and hers is a true grass roots campaign. She’s not soliciting endorsements from elected officials, nor donations from special interests. And when she wins, she won’t owe elected officials or special interests-her only debt will be to the activists who have elected her. The Floyd for Chairman campaign is volunteer-based and will be run in a fiscally conservative manner, in accordance with Karen’s values. To become part of “KAREN’S ACTIVIST ARMY” email us at: or for more information, visit us on the web at

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